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What to Say…

When speaking to children, talk to them where they are, at their eye level, by sitting down or stooping or squatting. Avoid shouting at children from a distance. Try not to turn your back on a group of children, unless you know someone else is watching them. Speak in a pleasant, calm voice, giving positive instructions when needed, offering a choice only when there really is a choice.

Say Don’t Say
Sit down when you slide. Don’t stand up when you slide.
Dig in the sand. Don’t throw the sand.
Sit in the swing. Don’t stand in the swing.
Use two hands when climbing. You’ll fall down if you don’t watch out.
Climb down the ladder. Don’t jump or you’ll hurt yourself.
Sticks stay on the ground. Don’t play with the stick, or you’ll hurt someone
Keep the puzzle on the table. Don’t dump the puzzle on the floor.
Turn the pages carefully. Don’t tear the book.
Sit on your chair. Don’t rock in your chair.
Talk quietly please, or use inside voices. Don’t shout
Walk around the swing. Careful, the swing might hit you.
Wipe your brush on the paint can. Don’t drip paint on the floor.
Put an apron on. Don’t you want to put an apron on?
Time to wash your hands. Don’t you want your snack?
The blocks are for building Don’t throw the blocks