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Volunteer Information

All families are asked to volunteer in some way, shape, or form. We have eliminated the MANDATORY part of our classroom volunteering, but we want and need parents to volunteer as much as possible in the classrooms. Each class will have a sheet posted on their door. You can sign up for any day, but we do ask that we only have ONE volunteer per class per day.

We understand that some of you are unable to volunteer in the classroom, but keeping in the spirit of the Co-Op, we ask that you volunteer your time and talents in another way. We have many events and fundraisers throughout the year and we need volunteers to help make them successful! Be on the lookout for those types of opportunities.

If you cannot make the day you have signed up for, please contact the office.  The teachers plan their projects and activities according to how many people they have to help. Thank you for your cooperation.

Volunteering Guidelines & Requirements

Please read our Volunteer Requirements to be sure you are in compliance with the rules and regulations we’re obligated to abide by. Below is more information on how the school operates on a daily basis.

Classroom: After the children have hung up their belongings and complete the name recognition activity for the day, they will be encouraged to find an activity. If you notice a child having difficulty finding or deciding on an activity, please help by suggesting an activity or giving a choice of activities.

Morning meeting/Calendar time: During this time we do calendar, news and information (show and tell), story and songs. Sometimes it is difficult for young children to sit and focus. It would be helpful if you could watch for children talking and playing and help them to regain their focus on the group. You may also be needed to assist with children in the bathroom. Making sure they wash their hand and reminding them of things like zipping zippers and using soap. Encourage independence in the bathroom.

Creative Room: Children will have an opportunity for free choice during this time. This is an area where the children are learning through play. On the loft, children should never throw anything from the top. When building with blocks, the tower should be no higher than the child’s chin. You will be responsible for taking the students to the bathroom for hand washing and toileting needs – we try to encourage independence in all bathroom activities.

**At some point before snack, the teacher will be asking for help with cleaning the classroom tables. Please use the approved cleaner located in the closet in the downstairs hallway. (Clorox Anywhere Spray Clorox wipes, etc.)

Snack: Children will bring in their own snack and cup. Before eating, all children and adults wash their hands. The children are encouraged to independently wash and dry their hands. They are also encouraged to clean up after themselves. Each child should dispose of any and all of their own garbage. They are also encouraged to get a paper towel and cleaning up spills or other messes independently.

Outside: It can be very busy on the playground and the big hall, so we need to be sure to do head counts and keep an eye on everyone. The monkey bars will need someone to watch and help at all times. You will be in charge of taking children to the bathroom. You will need to keep the door open and stand in the doorway just in case of emergency. Of course, if the child in the bathroom needs help you should help them first.

Project: The teacher will need help handing out materials to the children. You will also be responsible for helping with promoting independence with hand washing, cleaning up materials and putting them away. Please encourage children to “try” when doing their project. Do not correct their work, let them do it their own way.

Behaviors: Please encourage students to use their words during a disagreement. Please do not ask a child to say “sorry”, instead ask them if there is something they can say to make their friend feel better. When a child doesn’t want to say sorry or can’t think of the right words to make their friend feel better, you can role model by saying something to the child with hurt feelings. Follow the teacher’s lead on how to handle behaviors and if something comes up please bring it to the teacher’s attention.