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Approved Snack List

Allergy Alert!
Central Co-Op is a peanut/nut free school. Below is a list of safe snacks that your child can bring to class.

Please Note: Due to continual changes in manufacturer packaging and processing, please read the ingredient label of your snack chosen from this list to ensure that it does not contain any of the following: peanuts/nuts, peanut/nut butter, peanut/nut oil, peanut/nut flour, peanut/nut meal, or any of the statements “May contain traces of a peanut/nuts” or “Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts (and/or other nuts)”.

If you are unsure whether something is nut free or allowed in school, please contact the office and we’ll help you research it!

 Fruits & Vegetables

• All fresh fruit and vegetables
• Dole Fruit Bowls
• Del Monte Fruit To-Go Cups
• Sun-Maid Raisins (not chocolate covered)
• Applesauce cups
• Mott’s Fruit Blasters Applesauce Tubes
• Carrots with Dip
• Celery Sticks with Cream Cheese or Dip

 Gummy Snacks

No Brach’s. Stick with only Betty Crocker or Nabisco Fruit Snacks.
• Fruit Roll-Ups
• Fruit By the Foot
• Gushers
• Shark Bites
• Fun Fruits
• Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks
• Trix Fruit Snacks
• Hi-C Fruit Snacks
• Pokemon Fruit Snacks

 Cookies/Granola Bars

• Nilla Wafers
• Oreos and Mini Oreos (not mint-creme)
• Chips-a-Hoy (not minis)
• Bisco Wafters
• Teddy Grahams
• Pepperidge Farm – Milano, Chessmen, Shortbread and Sugar Cookies
• Keebler – Butter Cookies, Grasshopper Cookies
• Nabisco – Barnum Animal Crackers, Oatmeal and Iced Oatmeal Cookies, Cameo Cookies, Fig Newtons, Kool Stuff, Strawberry Seas Bars
• Hostess Ho-Ho’s and Twinkies (if they are still in business)
• Rice Krispie Treats (plain only)
• Nutri-Grain Apple Cinnamon / Brown Sugar Twists

 Salty Snacks & Crackers

• Rold Gold Pretzels
• Snyders of Hanover
• Ruffles Potato Chips
• Lays Potato Chips
• Fritos
• Doritos (not crackers)
• Cheetos
• Tostitos
• Pringles (original only)
• Popcorn – Pop Secret, Orville Redenbacher, Healthy Choice
• Honey Maid – Cinnamon Grahams & Sticks
• Honey Grahams & Sticks
• Ritz Crackers (plain only, not sandwiches)
• Keebler Club Crackers (original only, not sandwiches)
• Nabisco Saltines
• Triscuits
• Wheat Thins
• Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish (only plain, pretzel or cheddar) (No Cinnamon Grahams)
• Sargento – Mootown Crackers & Cheese Dip
• Keebler Town House Crackers
• Sportz Cheddar Crackers
• Kraft Handi-Snacks Cinnamon Graham Crackers w/Applesauce Dip
• Kraft Handi-Snacks Crackers with Cheese Dip

 Jellos & Puddings

• Hershey Chocolate Pudding Tubes
• Kraft Handi-Snacks – Wacky Gels, Vanilla & Chocolate Pudding
• Hunts – Juicy Gels, Vanilla & Chocolate & Oreo Pudding
• Dole Fruit-n-Gel Bowls
• Delmonte Fruit & Gel To-Go Bowls

 Frozen Treats

• Minute Maid – Juice Bars, Fruit & Cream Swirls
• Frozen Lemonade
• Good Humor – Fudgesicles
• Popsicles, Fire Crackers, Great Whites, MicroPops and Scribblers
• Nestle – Itzakadoozies, Ice Screamers Flintstones Rainbow Sherbert Treats & Juicy • Juice Frozen Juice Pops
• Lick-A-Colors
• Tropicana Fruit Juice Bars
• Welch’s Fruit Juice Popsicles
• ICEE Frozen Treats


• Cheese
• Yogurt (not soy brands) – Gogurt, Danimals, etc.
• T. Mazettis Caramel Apple Dip (with apples)
• Pizza – Papa Johns, Dominoes, Pizza Hut

Last updated: 11/28/12

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