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Parent Perspectives

Ultimately the success of a preschool program depends on the relationship between teachers, children, and parents—Teachers who love what they do and children who thrive in a nurturing environment. The Central Cooperative preschool exemplifies this formula and so much more. It is a special place with special people doing what they love.

Stacy - Co-Op parent

My son Anson, started at Central Co-Op’s full-day program
after attending another preschool, for a few years, prior to this year’s
transition.  My family had been involved with his prior pre-school for a number
of years as our older children had gone there before him.  As you can imagine, I
had quite a few sleepless nights regarding this change.  To reinforce our fears
about the transition, he was quite expressive in letting us know that he was NOT
going to go to a new school, I am extremely happy to say, that through all our fears and concerns, he has adjusted very well and looks forward to going off to school in the morning and being with his classmates.  The teachers at the CO-OP welcomed Anson with open arms and hearts and he is always greeted with warm smiles and words each day.  The full-day program has proven to be a program that works very well for our family.  The longer days are perfect for him, being the youngest of five and ready for “action”,  and for our schedule.  Central CO-OP also provides a number of different volunteer opportunities for parents to become more involved and comfortable with the school. These are also opportunities that help give back to the school as well.  They understand the many challenges of work and family schedules that we as parents face, therefore give a variety of options for becoming involved.  It is wonderful to be a part of the class as a parent helper and seeing how great this team of teachers are with each other and all the children.  They are supportive, encouraging, and loving while providing the educational pieces that are stepping stones into kindergarten.  As a Director, Suzanne has been nothing but
approachable and ready to discuss any questions that come along. Her presence
each day and her interactions with the children are very important to them and
parents.  She has played a very important part in making our switch to the CO-OP
a smooth one.  We are so pleased with the CO-OP and its full-day program and are thrilled to see Anson excited about learning new things each day.

Dianne - Co-Op Parent

I have had a wonderful experience at Central Co-Op. My son attended another childcare center before coming here, and it was tears everyday! Since his first day here, there have been no tears, and he loves coming to school! This is a testament to how dedicated, loving, and engaged the teachers are at Central Co-Op. I am thrilled with my decision to bring my child to Central Co-Op. My son now has a positive experience with school, which I hope will nurture his love for learning in the future.

Co-Op Parent - Co-Op Parent

 Thank you for the love and support you have shown our 3 year old son, AJ. This is his first pre-school experience and it has been super positive. He had difficulty separating initially, but the teachers were supportive and caring and within 2 weeks he was so excited about going to school. He would actually ask to go to school even on his days off! He has really connected with other children and have made some special little friendships. My son is thriving with his social and verbal skills. The director, Suzanne, keeps parents updated and connected with emails and flyers, she listens and promptly responds to any concerns, and she is always present at the beginning and the end of class, ready with a smile for each child that enters and exits the doors. We have enjoyed volunteering and have watched the teachers interact with each little student. They are fun, energetic and engaging which creates a positive learning atmosphere. We cannot express how happy we are with our experience thus far.
Thank you for all you do for our family.

Katelyn and Dan Fawcett - Co-Op Parents

As a former elementary school teacher, I wanted my own children’s first school experience to be one that would foster a love of learning and set the groundwork for many successful years to follow. I truly believe this is what my first two children have received and my third will soon experience. The Co-Op has a way of letting children be children, yet teaches, encourages, and creates an atmosphere full of support and learning. Being a “co-op”, the parent involvement is such a strong asset to the school – it is so nice to know first hand what goes on in the classroom, how the children interact with each other as well as the teacher, and not to mention the friendships that grow from other Co-op families. We love the Co-Op!

Patty & Rich - Co-op Parents

My family is on year #4 at the Co-Op and will be continuing with my youngest for 3 more years! We have had a very positive and enjoyable experience. The teachers and staff are top notch. They are caring and provide a safe and fun environment for learning. The Co-op method is beneficial for both the child and the parent. I have really enjoyed being in the classroom with both of my daughters. It allows the opportunity to see both academic and personal growth throughout the year. Being in the classroom provided a bond and connection with my daughters’ education that I may not have had elsewhere. The community at the Co-op is one that has created lifelong friendships for not only my daughters but for myself as well.

Julie & Tom - Co-op Parent

I am very impressed with the environment at the Co-Op. The school’s approach to learning through play is so wonderfully appropriate for kids this age and so well implemented by the staff. It’s more than a preschool; it’s a family.

Anonymous - Co-op Parent

We love the Co-Op! The teachers each bring dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm to the classroom. Each one has been teaching preschool for many years and I am always impressed with the patience and guidance they offer each student. My children always look forward to the days that I am the parent helper. I find it rewarding to be a part of their early education. I wish I could send them beyond preschool!

Rebekah - Co-op Parent