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2020/2021 Parent/Student Handbook

Welcome to the Chelmsford Central Co-Op Nursery School Program.

This handbook is designed to give you information about our early childhood programs and familiarize you with our policies.  We welcome your questions and comments. Tuition updates are coming soon!  

Download a PDF of the current handbook here.

Below you’ll find a list of the current Board of Directors and School Staff. 


Position Name Email
President Emily Deschenes president@centralcoop.org
VP of Fundraising Rebecca Tryon vicepresident@centralcoop.org
Treasurer Phil Martineau treasurer@centralcoop.org
Secretary Michelle Fearon secretary@centralcoop.org
Newsletter Ashely Driscoll newsletter@centralcoop.org
Technology Sokna Kimsoung tech@centralcoop.org
Publicity Jennifer Stonehouse


Maintenance Nicole Krenning



Teacher Name Email
Director Suzanne Dionne director@centralcoop.org
Assistant Director-Mon & Wed/Tues & Thurs-Lead Teacher Jill LeMasurier jlemasurier@centralcoop.org
5 Day Lead Teacher – Ages 2.9-4 years old Lynn Piecewicz lpiecewicz@centralcoop.org
5 Day Lead Teacher  Nichole Sheehan nsheehan@centralcoop.org3
3 Day Pre-K Teacher Kristi Grout kgrout@centralcoop.org
Assistant Teacher/Mrs. Holden Mary Kazis mkazis@centralcoop.org
4 Day Teacher – Toddler Kelly Holden kholden@centralcoop.org
Assistant Teacher Tricia Lesniewski tlesniewski@centralcoop.org
Assistant Teacher/Mrs. Sheehan Suzanne Krochune skrochune@centralcoop.org

Assistant Teacher/Mrs. Grout

St. Onge