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Science & Nature

The foundations of scientific learning lie in inquiry and explorations. These are tools of active learning. Fostering children’s natural sense of curiosity can promote a lifelong interest in scientific study. Simple, concrete and meaningful activities for young children in all areas are important for learning.

  • Children explore and experience science through hands on activities.
  • Children plant seeds and discussing growing plants.
  • Children learn about insects.
  • Children learn about animals.
  • We learn about the world around us by going on nature walks, gardening, and by observing insect and plant growth.
  • We learn about weather and how it influences the world.
  • Children learn about air, wind, water and earth.
  • Children learn about the change of seasons.
  • Children measure, using rulers and other spontaneous informal forms of measurement (such as blocks, children etc.).
  • Children learn to identify eight basic colors.
  • We explore color with paint and other media.
  • Children explore the properties of liquids and solids.
  • We use our five senses
  • We predict outcomes of experiments and other natural phenomena.