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History & Social Sciences

At the pre-school level, history and social science is built on children’s personal experiences with their families and immediate communities. Meaningful topics around social studies often emerge spontaneously out of children’s play and conversations. One purpose of history and social science curriculum is to help children acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in community life. Decision making within the group lays the foundation for a democratic society. Development of a civic identity and American culture is also a part of pre-school curriculum.

  • Children practice problem-solving skills.
  • Children sometimes work in groups or with a partner on a variety of projects (usually during the second year only).
  • Children share classroom materials with classmates.
  • We all practice using manners and appropriate polite terms such as please, thank you, excuse me.
  • Children learn to communicate his or her needs.
  • Children take care of their own needs with self help skills and cleaning up after oneself.
  • Teachers expose each child to his or her own personal information such as first and last name, school name, city, state, street and country.
  • Teachers discuss “time” in relevant activities using timelines, counting down days etc.
  • Children begin to explore maps.
  • We learn about various holidays, and also about other countries and customs.
  • Teachers discuss qualities of character such as honesty, courtesy, kindness, fairness etc.
  • Teachers discuss and explore various types of work people do.
  • Children become aware of important American symbols such as the flag.