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The teaching and administrative staff at Central Co-Operative Nursery School has agreed upon the curriculum policy and guide. Although it is primarily geared toward children who are in their pre-kindergarten year at our school, it also covers curriculum for the first year child.

Our staff would like to stress that education is a team effort between home and school. The Co-Op’s entire philosophy is one in which the home and school work together in a partnership for the benefit of the child. This is also very important when we discuss curriculum. Working with your child at home, reading to your child on a regular basis, investigating subjects that your child enjoys, and going places together that spark questions and interest in many various subjects are some examples of how we can work together in this intellectual journey.

Our school has always been one in which our curriculum is developmental in philosophy. This means that teachers take their cues from the children, and learning is flexible and fluid. Schedules are merely guidelines and many times may be changed to accommodate a more spontaneous and real form of learning.

Learning opportunities occur at all times of the school day including the Music, Creative Room, and Large Motor times blocks. Academic learning is not limited to “meeting” or “project” time.

The guidelines we use and which each teacher fits to her schedule are the Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences published by the Early Childhood Advisory Council to the Massachusetts Board of Education and also NAEYC accreditation guidelines.