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Our Staff


Mrs. Dionne fell in love with the Co-op when her daughter was a student in 2006. Shortly after in 2007, she joined the Co-op staff as the Assistant to the Director. She has been in the Director role since December 2011. She loves running the Co-op and cherishes the opportunity to keep the school a constant in the community and as a great place to learn and grow. Mrs. Dionne has a degree in Early Childhood Education and many years of experience in the early education field. 
What does she love most about the Co-op?
“There are so many things that I love about being a part of the Co-Op. I would say the most rewarding part of my job is being able to witness the miraculous growth of the children over the school year. When they first start school, they are so little and are doing so many things for the first time, which can be so hard and frustrating. Being able to watch and take part in them overcoming these challenges, is beyond rewarding. The amount that these kiddos learn is astounding! Mastering self help skills, potty training, writing their names, zipping their coat, being empathetic, conquering the monkey bars…. the list is endless- I am blessed to be able to be the first step in their educational journey.”


Assistant Director

Over twenty years ago, Mrs. LeMasurier signed her oldest son up for the two-day program at the Co-op. She has never left and cannot get enough of the Co-op.

She started as a parent and soon held the board position of Repair and Maintenance; she then moved up to Vice President of Fundraising and lastly, she became President.

When a teaching position opened up in 2005, Mrs. LeMasurier resigned as president to pursue her passion of teaching! Mrs. LeMasurier holds an associate’s degree and enjoys continuing her education by taking classes in Early Education & administration. She feels that you can never stop learning.

When the opportunity to work solely in the office assisting with various componants of COVID-19 presented itself, she jumped at the the chance to be a support for the teachers and the parents. 

 Substituting, enrichment, special events, supporting the Board of Directors, teachers and staff are just a few of her responsibilities.

What is her favorite thing about the Co-op?

“The wonderful sight of seeing a child figure something out for themselves. The light bulb goes off and it’s all through developmental learning!”


5 – Day Lead Teacher

2 Lynn Piecewicz or Mrs. P. as she is referred to by her students, is returning for her seventh year teaching here at the Coop. Lynn has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minored in Early Childhood Education. Prior to her coming to the Coop Lynn taught for many years at three other schools.

Lynn has lived in N. Chelmsford for about 22 years, and is the proud mother of two wonderful young women. Lynn’s older daughter, Jessica is married and just bought a home in Framingham. Her younger daughter Ashley is a graduate from the University of New Haven in CT. She works as a Pre-School teacher in Acton and will be pursuing her Masters in Education.


4 Day Lead Teacher

Mrs. Sheehan started teaching at the Co-op in 2014. However, her journey with us began in 2010 as a parent. Since then, all three of her children have graduated from our program and she has remained. 
Mrs. Sheehan has her Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education from Salem State. She has prior experience teaching both preschoolers and toddlers. After a few years of teaching, she stayed home with her own children until starting at the Co-op.
As the 4 day class teacher, she looks forward to helping the children on their path to success as they get ready for Kindergarten. Mrs. Sheehan is always on the lookout for something new and exciting to add to the classroom. 


5 – Day Teacher

It has been 13 years since Mrs. Holden enrolled her son Hunter in the 3 day program here at the Co-op.  The following 2 years her daughter Maggie also attended our 3 day program during which time she served on the Board as Vice President of Fundraising.  Not long after followed her youngest sons, Beckett and Wyatt, also attending the 3 day program.

She loves the philosophy and atmosphere of our school so much that when a position opened up in August 2015 for Assistant Teacher she jumped at it!  In 2018 the 5 day lead teaching position opened up and Mrs. Holden was the perfect fit. She loves nothing more than seeing the curious minds of her students become more confident every day!  There is magic in the light that shines in the eyes of a student when exploring and learning.

Mrs. Holden continues to take courses and is always searching for something new and exciting to share with her students!  There is always more to explore and learn!

Mrs. Holden has lived in Chelmsford her entire life where she resides with her husband Will and four children Hunter, Maggie, Beckett and Wyatt!  Her children attend McCarthy Middle School, Chelmsford High School and Umass Amherst.  You may see her on the soccer or baseball fields or on the dance circuit as her kiddos keep her on the run!


2 & 3 Day Teacher

Mrs. Krochune started teaching at the Co-op in 2016. She has a bachelors degree in Psychology and minored in Health Education at Elon University in North Carolina.

After working for many years in Boston, she chose to stay home with her 3 children – 2 of which attended The Co-op. She volunteered a great deal in her children’s various classrooms throughout the years and fell in love with The Co-op. When an assistant teaching position opened up, she jumped at the opportunity.

In 2021 Mrs. Krochune transitioned seamlessly onto the 2 & 3 day lead teaching Position. 

One of her favorite things about The Co-op is all the different learning opportunities the kids have here. From science lessons and hands on agricultural activities to gaining independence in writing and fostering their own creativeness, it is truly amazing to watch.


2 Day Teacher

Nicole Krenning Started at the Co-Op as a parent first with her son Will. She took on the role of Repair and Maintenance when her second son Jacob started, She help that position for two years until a 2 day assistant teaching position came available. Her daughter Emila is finishing her last year year befroe she heads off to kindergarten.



3 Day Teacher

Mrs. Lesniewski’s oldest daughter started at the Co-op in Mrs. P.’s class in 2017. Her daughter Brenna Started in 2019 with Mrs. P as well. After seeing what a great environment the Co-op was for the students and teachers alike, she inquired about a part-time assistant job and started working here in 2019.
Before sending her daughters to preschool here, Mrs. Lesniewski was a stay-at-home mom for three years. Prior, she worked as a Preschool teacher in Concord,MA for six years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern Maine and Montessori Teacher Certification for ages 3-6 through the Maine Montessori Institute.  
Mrs. Lesniewski and her whole family is grateful to have found the Co-op.  It’s been the perfect place to send the girls, as well as for Mrs. Lesniewski to get back into the classroom herself!