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Newsletter-May 2015

Letter From the Director

Dear parents,

The last month of preschool is bittersweet. We are proud of the accomplishments of each and every child ~ they have experienced so many things this year ~ knowledge that they will carry with them for a life time ~ friends that will guide them through the next steps of their journey ~ and a forever family of devoted parents and teachers.

Although we are sad to see them go, we know that they have the tools they need to begin building the bridge to their future. As these children move forward, so do their families ~ our families that have helped our school to rebuild and succeed above and beyond what we thought possible. Please know that as you embark on the next chapter of your lives that you have made your mark at the Co-Op that will remain forever. We will never be able to express to our gratitude for your trust and friendship.

A HUGE thank you goes out to the teachers and our Board of Directors, without your hard work and creativity our school would not be as fabulous as it is today! Thank you so much!!

We have quite a few events happening here at school before June 5th.

May 14 & 15 Truck Days
May 25 Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL
June 3 Co-Op Graduation for those students heading off to kindergarten
6 p.m. in the Big Hall
June 4 Last day of school for T/Th , 4 & 5 day Children
June 5 Last day of school for MWF Children
June 5th is a ½ day for Full Day Students
JUNE 15TH–18TH CAMP CO-OP!!! 9-12 M-TH

As always please contact me with any questions and/or concerns!

Suzanne Dionne

Letter from the President of the Board

Dear Parents and Families,

The end of the school year is upon us! This means so many things for so many of us; the range of emotions at this time of year is widespread. Some are elated to have made their last ever tuition payment, yet feel a sense of sadness as their “baby” will be off to kindergarten in the fall. Others are relieved that they’ve made it through that first year of preschool unscathed and look forward to the comfort of the Co-Op next year. Still others, like me, are eager to see a change of command, so to speak, as one child exits and a sibling begins his or her journey at the Co-Op. Through all of this emotion, be certain that your children are well prepared for kindergarten, that the teachers at the Co-Op are already excited for their “new crop” next year, and that your littlest ones will receive the same love and attention next year as their brothers or sisters who preceded them. The Co-Op is truly such a wonderful place!

I, too, am experiencing a wide range of emotions as this year comes to a close. Of course, I am so proud of James as he graduates; he is such an amazing kid and just loved being at the Co-Op. And I am very curious as to how Matthew will take to preschool next year; the Co-Op has truly been a second home to him and I think the teachers have loved him since before he was even born! At the same time, I feel a sense of sadness as I step down as your President. I will truly miss being a part of the “business” of the Co-Op. It has been so important to me to be involved in my children’s education and to make a difference. I hope, in some way, I was able to make a positive impact on your child’s education, too. My sincerest thanks to all of you who have supported me for the last two years as your President; I was quite the newbie when I came on the scene, and Suzanne Dionne and I got through these last two years together for sure. I have learned so much, thank you my friend! And I would be remiss if I did not thank my husband, Tom, for his support; he was often my sounding board, my business mind, my reality check, my calm!

This is not the last you will see of me, of course. That is the great thing about the Co-Op; I can still be involved. You will undoubtedly see me in Matthew’s classroom, volunteering at a fundraiser, and I may even crash a Board meeting or two! I hope to continue to make a difference in Matthew’s education and to help to teach him to love learning. I encourage you all to do the same whether it is here at the Co-Op or on your new elementary school’s PTO. Here it is for the last time, folks, I know you have been waiting for it: show your child that learning is important to you, and it will undoubtedly become important to them!

Finally, I would like to wish our graduates sincere congratulations! This is truly such an accomplishment for these little people; they are moving into big kid territory for sure, off to new adventures. And kudos to you, as parents; what a fine job you, too, have done in preparing them for their next journey. To those of you returning to the Co-Op in the fall be assured that our school will continue to serve you and your children well. My heartfelt thanks to Mandy Melville; she will be your new President of the Board of Directors, and I am more than confident that she will guide this school to continued greatness!

Have a wonderful summer!

Very Fondly,

Christina McConnell
President, Board of Directors

Letter from the VP of Volunteering

Dear parents,

As the school year is coming to an end, I’d like to sincerely thank all those that have volunteered their time over the year and donated items from the Bee Hive, etc. Without your help at fundraisers, we would not have been able to provide our kids with the enrichment programs that they all enjoy so much.

I’d like to say a special thank you to Christoph Strobel and the Board who so graciously offered to make a luncheon for the teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day. The staff deserved a special treat for all they’ve done for the children. It was thoroughly enjoyed!

Lastly, a GIANT thank you to our room parents: Jen Beary, Risa DiVincenzo, Kristi Grout, Sylvie Smiley, Alexis Treat, and Katie Kelepouris. All of your hardwork and dedication makes the Co-Op the place it is today!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Mandy Melville
VP of Volunteering

Upcoming Events (View Calendar)


5/14: Panera Fundraiser
5/14 & 5/15: Truck Day
5/18 & 5/19: Spirit Day–“Wear All One Color”
5/25: No School–Memorial Day


6/1: End of Year Concert at 9:30 a.m.
6/2: End of Year Concert at 9:30 a.m.
6/3: Graduation at 6 p.m.
6/4 & 6/5: Last Days of School
6/5: 1/2 Day for Full-day Students

Panera Fundraiser

Please join Central Co-Op at Panera (90 Drumhill Road, Chelmsford) on Thursday, May 14 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. for a fundraiser! Present this flyer, and Panera will donate a percentage of the sales during the event to the Co-Op.

Parent Survey

The annual Parent Survey provides invaluable information that enables us to continue to provide the highest standards of care for your child. It also provides you, the parents, with the opportunity to give your feedback about your pre-school. If your child is leaving, staying on, or has just joined us, please take some time to read and complete this year’s survey. Thank you.

Spinners Game on June 27

Chelmsford Day at the Lowell Spinners game is June 27. Please submit your Spinners forms by May 18 with the number of tickets you are requesting and a check for the full amount. Tickets are $6 each.

Donate Your Gently-Used Toys to the Co-Op

Do you have gently-used toys that you no longer use? The Co-Op might be able to use them! Please contact Suzanne at coopdirector@comcast.net before bringing anything in to see if it’s something that the Co-Op could use. Thanks!