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Newsletter-February 2015

Letter from the VP of Fundraising

Hello, Co-Op families!

The Co-Op has had a successful 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off thinks to help from many of you. We don’t have the money tallied yet, but watch for a report on the earnings in the next newsletter. Now is the time, however, for a big round of applause for Kim Flynn, who doesn’t even have a student at the Co-Op this year, but happily came back to chair this year’s Chili Cook-off, and the entire team who helped out! Kim is a seasoned pro (pun intended!) as she ran the event last year as well, and the experience she brought to the event was a great asset. Kim is a superstar, but she can’t do a Chili Cook-off alone. When you see the following people, please give them a big shout out for helping:

Chili Chefs—Lenny Flynn, Katie Gregory, Marty Hannon, Katie Kelepouris, Carolyn LaRosa, Angie McMaster
Set-Up Crew—Katelyn Fawcett, Kathy Hannon, Stacey Robinson, Alexis Treat
Food/Activity/Registration Table Volunteers—Grace Dionne, Kyle Dionne, Justin Grout, Kristi Grout, Leeanna Labenski, Sarah LaFlamme, Donna Shalek, Sylvie Smiley
Clean-Up Crew—Nilanjan Dasgupta, Sarah LaFlamme, Kara Mason
Thanks also go out to all of the bakers! Unfortunately, I don’t have a complete list of those who brought baked goods, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love and appreciate you!

It’s now time to look forward to our next (and last) big fundraiser for the year—the Basket Raffle! Letters have gone out to solicit donations from local businesses and family-friendly attractions in the region. I could really use some volunteers to make a few follow-up phone calls in the next couple of weeks. Please email me at central.coop.fundraising@gmail.com if you are willing to make a few calls.

Our February dining night is on Monday, February 23, at the 99 Restaurant on Route 110 in Lowell.

Finally, I’m happy to report that you’re still shopping on Amazon. January’s earnings from the Amazon link were $49.04. Don’t forget to get to Amazon by using the URL www.centralcoopshop.com so that we get credit for your purchases.

Sincere thanks for all you’ve done so far this year to help our fundraising efforts to make the Co-Op a better place!

Johanna Shaw
VP of Fundraising

Activites for Snow Days

With all the snow this winter, it has been quite a challenge keeping kids (and adults!) from going stir crazy. Here are some activities that you can try with the kids to make the days go by a bit faster.

Snow Ice Cream

icecreamMix 1 cup milk, 1/4 cup sugar, and 1 teaspoon vanilla, then add in 4 cups of snow and any other fun mix-ins like sprinkles or mini choc chips.
~Submitted by Risa DiVincenzo

Indoor Snow Play

snowBring some snow inside and put it in the bathtub or Tupperware bins. The kids can play with it using beach stuff (shovels, buckets, molds). You can also hide small toys in there and let the kids use some plastic diggers to find them.
~Submitted by Kara Mason

Fizzy Snow

fizzysnowPut snow in the kitchen sink. Generously sprinkle baking soda on it and fill a squirt bottle with vinegar and food coloring.
~Submitted by Jen Beary


Ice Art

icecubesPlace ice cubes in a tub, casserole dish, or baking sheet. Sprinkle salt over the ice and watch how the individual grains of salt melt tunnels into the ice. Paint the ice using liquid watercolors. Watch how the colors fall into the caves created by the salt.
~Submitted by Jen Beary

Indoor Tennis

tennisSturdy paper plates glued to a tongue depressor and a balloon makes a good game of tennis.
~Submitted by Jen Beary


Cardboard Roads

roadTake a large cardboard box, open it up, and draw roads inside of it. Then let the kids go to town coloring and using match box cars inside.
~Submitted by Kara Mason


Colored Rice

riceIn a plastic zip lock baggie mix 1 tbsp vinegar and food coloring. Then add 1 cup of white rice and massage till the color is coating the rice. Let sit for 5 minutes then spread out on wax paper to dry (overnight). Give the kids scoops, bowls, small tractors, etc. to play.
~Submitted by Mandy Melville


green-slimeWant to have fun with physics and even “walk on water”? Try making a mixture of cornstarch and water called oobleck. It makes a great science project or is just fun to play with. http://www.livescience.com/21536-oobleck-recipe.html
~Submitted by Suzanne Dionne

Looking for more ideas, check out these websites:

http://happyhooligans.ca/–Crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers.
http://www.sciencekiddo.com/–Science experiments and math activities for kids.
http://www.kidzone.ws/–Printable preschool and kindergarten worksheets to help kids learn their letters, numbers, shapes, colors and other basic skills.
http://www.science-sparks.com–Science activities for kids.


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Upcoming Events (View Calendar)


2/12: Valentine’s Day Celebration
2/13: Valentine’s Day Celebration
2/16–2/20: No School–Winter Vacation
2/23: 99 Restaurant Fundraiser
2/23 & 2/24: All School Assembly
2/25 & 2/26: Music with Andy Rega
3/9 & 3/10: Spirit Day: Co-Op T-shirts Day
3/10 & 3/11: Cardio Kids
3/17 & 3/18: Pancakes and Pajamas Day
3/18: Papa Gino’s Fundraiser
3/25 & 3/26: Music with Mary Carla McDonald
3/28: Stacey Peasley Concert and Basket Raffle

Full Day Available

If you are looking for a little extra time to get errands done, we have availability for Full Day on an ad hoc basis! Tuesdays and Thursdays we have a couple of spaces open, but on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we have lots of availability. Please let me know if you would like to add your child for the day.

The cost is $40 and pick up is at 4 p.m. You provide a peanut-free lunch, and sheets and blankets and we do the rest. Please remember that you must confirm with me before leaving your son or daughter.

Testimonials for Website Needed

We are looking to update the “what they say” portion of the website. We are just looking for a short blurb about your experience here at the Co-Op. If you are interested in helping please send your blurb to Wende at wendeann@juno.com.